Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Summery haul!

I went into newcastle with my friend last weekend and picked up a few summery things, and here they are...

Mac Paint Pot in 'Bare Study' £14.50
Something I have been wanting for ages is the Mac paint pot in 'Bare Study'. The best way I can describe it is rose gold - it definetely has a pinky tone to it, but has a lot of gold shimmer. So far I really like it, and it really does stay on all day, but I would say that if applied heavily, it is a little bit too light for me.
Pepsi 'Wild Cherry' Flavoured Lip Balm £3 - UO
I also saw this Pepsi lip balm in Urban Outfitters, which is usually £5, reduced to £3. It was so cute and it smelt so good that I had to get it!

Now onto clothes...
Primark Bralet £6
Primark 2 pack Bikinis £6
Primark Crochet Beach Dress £7
When I went into Primark, I was pleasently suprised with the nice holiday stuff they had in. My favourite item is the bralet which was only £6 - I just think the pattern, colours and price is amazing! I also got a 2 pack of bikinis for £7. I don't really like the black one, but I love the zig zag pattern on the other one - another bargain. I burn so easily, so I always need something light to cover me up when on holiday, and I thought this little dress would be perfect. It pulls in with rope at the waist and is a really light material - I would definetely recommend this for anyone else with a tendency to burn haha.

H&M Hoody £14.99

I quickly went into H&M and i saw this lovely grey speckled hoody. I got it in a size 12 so it is a little oversized, but since it is from the ladies section, it still has a nice fit - it's also really soft.

Final stop was topshop, where I found 2 great things in the sale!
Topshop T-shirt £15

Topshop Waterfall Dress £24

This t-shirt looks really broad on the picture, but I think it is just the hanger. It is actually a nice fit and I like the summery colours on the print.
My favourite item from the whole haul is this lovely dress, and it was reduced from £48 to ............. £24! The colour looks lovely with my pale skin, and it fits perfectly. It was initially supposed to be for a wedding that I an going to, but I think it may be too beachy, or look similar to the bridesmaid dresses. So I will just wear it on holiday :)

I will be getting back to my revision now, hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, 13 May 2012


Sorry for the  lack of posts but as many of you will know, exams are looming, and all three of us have about 7 GCSE exams in the next few weeks. We will try to get posts done when we can, but for the moment, don't expect a lot!
If you want to leave any suggestions for posts then please do, and that should make things a little bit easier :)

Thank you!xx

Monday, 7 May 2012

Week In Photos

random english weather // revision taking over // evolution // jai brooks following me // holiday shopping // being a fangirl // my new favourite drink