Sunday, 29 April 2012

Barry M's Mushroom + Croc effect nail varnishes

Just thought I would show the two latest additions to my Barry M nail varnish collection (A collection post is on its way).I bought these at Boots because I saw it was buy 2, get £1 off (not a massive discount, but it persuaded me).I have heard quite a lot about the Mushroom colour, and I have to agree that it looks like a lovely dark nude colour. However, I have only heard about the croc effect once, but I really liked the look it gave, so decided to get it (YOLO).

'Mushroom' has a really good coverage compared to normal Barry M colours, and it dries pretty quickly (I wonder if they have improved their formula?). I quite like the colour - it comes out like the underneath brownnesss of a mushroom but a little bit more greeny.

Unlike the crackle polish, the croc effect takes about 5  minutes to develop fully, and it is shiny once it is complete. Honestly, I was dissapointed at how little it 'crocced' on first application....

But then I looked at the instructions on the bottle, and it said that the nail varnish shouldn't be completely dry before you put the croc effect on. So I used Mushroom and put a fairly thin layer on a bare nail. I then blew it for 2 seconds, probably waited 5 seconds and then put a moderately thick layer of the croc effect on. This worked MUCH better....

Then I did the same on my thumb, but used a much thicker layer of the croc effect, and this is the result I got.
I didn't like it as much as my little finger, but I still thought it was cool.
So by the end, I did quite like the croc effect, and I think it will be good instead of a plain black nail.

Hope you enjoyed!


I was going for a little gathering at my friend's house and I was finished getting ready so I thought I may as well do my nails, so I did a compilation of designs I have seen around the internet but haven't got round to trying. I hope you like them!

They are a little bit messy, but I just wanted to do something quick. And if you are wondering why the glittery hand is just glittery, and also why it is quite messy, it is because I can't do shit with my left hand ahaha so I usually just do something very simple.

 I used Models Own Utopia as a base, Barry M Black to draw the designs and Urban Outfitters Cosmic glitter polish to highlight the designs, and to completely glitterfy (weird word, but very appropriate) my left hand nails.I used these nail art brushes to do the designs with. I just recieved them on Monday, but they just made it so much easier to draw things compared to using a nail art pen. So for such a low price, I  highly recommend buying them :)

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


So I went shopping on Saturday with nothing in particular in mind, but ended up getting quite a few things. This is not my usual amount of spending, but I never really spent my birthday money, so I still have quite a large amount remaining.

I went to topshop, and to my surprise, there was quite a large sale on (yay!). I was dissapointed by the clothes, but as always, they had some lovely jewellery. I bought 5 silver rings and a pair of gold unicorn earrings, all of which were reduced by 50%.

The first 4 rings were part of a pack and were reduced to £8.25. I love all of them except from the wired one with the star in the middle, but overall...a good buy.

Then I bought this chunky horse head ring for around £3 and I love it already haha.

I have been looking at these unicorn earrings since they first came in, but I never got them in fear that they looked wierd in the ear but I was so happy when they were only £3.75 so decided to give them a go. I think they are really unusual, and I personally really like them because of this, however I think they are the kind of thing that some people just won't like. But yes, for me, they are very good :)

Once I got past the sale area, I went to have a look at the crop tops and ended up getting the oh so loved skull one(£12), and this cute pink t-shirt one(£8). I really like the fit of these, and I plan to wear them with high-waisted shorts/jeans so not too much belly is seen (I got both in a size 10). I also thought the prices were very reasonable for Topshop.

Next I went to boots and urban outfitters and got some beauty products, some of which I will probably do a review on with swatches etc. I was dissapointed to see the 3 for 2 wasn't on anymore, but that didn't stop me!

I got 3 nail varnishes, 2 from models own and 1 from UO - Utopia, Aqua Violet and Cosmic. The models own nail varnishes were on 2 for £8, and I don't have any by them, so I couldn't resist. I tried them out as soon as I bought them and really liked the colours on. They dry fairly quickly which in my opinion is muy importante, however, they are not very opaque, and require about 3 coats to get full coverage. The urban outfitters one is brill(£6), and could be worn by itself or on top of another colour.

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the clear mascara! (it isn't anything special though)
Clear mascara by collection 2000(£1.99), boots mattifying lotion, collection 2000 cream puff lip cream in Cotton Candy 1(£2.99), Rimmel stay matte powder in 003(around £3), Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in Fair 1(around £3).

And that is it! Have you bought anything nice recently? And would you like any reviews?
Lots of love xx

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I went to a friends gig on Friday night and this is what I wore. Apologies for the amount of topshop but yes, that shop seems to consume most of my wardrobe space.

Top, Shorts, Jacket, Shoes and Rings from topshop. Gold heart ring is from a random jewellers. Tights are from Primark. Gold Chain is from Forever 21. Watch and Belt from Urban Outfitters. Bag from H&M.
Sorry for poor quality, but my shitty laptop is the only way I can take pictures of myself without having to hold it ahaha.
Bye xx

Asos order (just a small one)

I was browsing la interweb the other week and saw Asos had a sale on. I never find anything clothes wise, so I went straight to the beauty section where I found a couple of things I liked and a sunglasses case (random).
So the actual ordering proccess was very good in my opinion. I opted for a free delivery which takes longer, but it arrived 3 days early (I love it when that happens), in a cute little box that's was all padded and had protecting shit. And when I looked inside, I felt that the website portrayed everything perfectly.

Onto the order...

An Illamasqua nail varnish in this beautiful blue/green colour -muse. It was reduced from £13.50 to £8 and  IS THE BEST FORMULA OF NAIL VARNISH I HAVE EVER TRIED. I put it on, and it is completely opaque, and then it dried fairly quickly to a rock hard shiny finish - TOTALLY BRILL.
Then I bought this Pixi eye crayon for around £6 in the shade........ It is a taupe/gold/copper shade that looks slightly purpley. I wore it to a gig the other night, and it stayed on all night. I would highly recommend this, however I don't know how to sharpen it, do I use a pencil sharpener?

And lastly a red suede sunglasses case that was only £3.50 and I thought would be useful for the sunny days to come.
That's everything, have you bought any clothes or other things from Asos recently?
See you later xx

Sunday, 22 April 2012


I did these a while ago but thought I may as well put a picture on...

I used 2 Barry M colours, a light purple and a light blue. Using an eyeshadow applicator thing, I kept applying the colours until they blended into each other gradually. I then used a clear top coat to blend even further.

See you later,

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Topshop Most Wanted

A few items that i like in Topshop.
Not going to lie, I haven't been that wowed by topshop lately, so i found it pretty hard choosing these things. I mainly think it's the ridiculously high prices they have in there now that put me off it. I couldn't even tell you how much all of this costs! Although you can't argue they do often have some really nice, good quality pieces in for a high street shop.
Anything you like from topshop lately?

Review: St Moriz

I've been meaning to do this review for ages but just never seemed to get round to it! I'm pretty sure the majority of people have heard of the St Moriz Fake tan. I believe you can only get it in the UK(don't quote me on that though) and it's around the £2-£3 mark depending where you get it from. I got mine from a makeup stall in town and it was £2, Bargain! 


There's two colours to choose from, medium or dark. I decided to get mine in medium just to be on the safe side. The colour is absolutely fine, not too orange thankfully. You can also either get a mousse or a spray and I opted for the mousse as it seemed ess of a faff. 
Tanning me: Primark £1
To be fair, it does look a bit like poo when it comes out haha. It applies really nice, not streaky at all surprising and I found it dried super fast too! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of me wearing the tan/what it looks like on the skin. Sorry this was a bit of a rubbish review, so leave a comment if you would like to see a more in-depth review with swatches etc, or even a how i apply fake tan. Have any of you used the St Moriz fake tan? What do you think? 

Everyday Makeup

Feels like I haven't made a post in like forever, so i decided to show you my everyday makeup. To be fair it changes some days depending where I'm going or what I'm doing, but this is the main stuff I would say.
Urban decay naked palette,  Rimmel wake me up foundation(103 true ivory), Bourjois healthy mix serum(52 vanilla), bourjois chocolate bronzer(52), benfit coralista, mac creme blush(lady blush), benefit bad gal, rimmel day 2 night, maybelline great lash, natural collection liquid eyeliner, miss sporty clear mascara, rimmel eyebrow pencil, benefit erase paste(2 medium), benefit high beam, mac lipstick(hue),  mac cremesheen(just superb)

I would say that this is my everyday makeup for my eyes(although i don't wear all 3 mascaras at once). I used to be obsessed with the maybelline great lash mascara but i would now only use it if i wanted a more subtle look as i much prefer the rimmel day 2 night one as it gives such great volume and length! The badgal mascara is good but for the price not the best I have to say. I don't that often wear eyeliner but if I feel like a winged eye i would use the Natural collection liquid eyeliner normally. Not the best liquid eyeliner in the world but pretty much does the job. Please excuse the disgustingness of the clear mascara, which isn't particularly clear anymore! I've had this since like year 7 not even joking, but now i just use it for my eyebrows along with the rimmel eyebrow pencil. Finally the beloved naked palette. I adore this palette(Review coming soon!). I don't wear eyeshadow everyday, but if I do these are basically the only eyeshadows I use.

This is my everyday makeup for my face. I switch between my bourjois healthy mix serum and Rimmel wake me up foundation(Review coming soon!). I love both of these foundations so I just wear which ever one i feel like wearing that day to be honest. My rimmel one is probably slightly darker so i tend to wear that if i've either tanned/want more colour on my face. I also use the benefit erase paste for concealer which my mam gave me as she didn't like it. It is a very thick consistency but gives really good coverage so I tend to use that as an under eye concealer. I also use benefit hight beam which also used to belong to my mam for a slight highlight. My two favourite blushes, and the two I switch between everyday are the benefit coralista and MAC lady blush. I would say i wear coralista a tad more as i just prefer a powder blush to a cream blush. Finally the 'chocolate brozer' which everyone raves about. Mines in the shade 52(I didn't even realise there was different shades, I just picked one up) but it seems to be a good colour.

Finally lips. I don't tend to wear something on my lips everyday but when i do it's most definitely Hue by MAC, and, or on top, MAC cremesheen in Just Superb. Love both of these so much. Such a pretty pink colour without looking too over the top.

As i've said in this post I have a few reviews on the way, so watch out for them!

H&M Haul

Recently I've been going a little crazy in H&M, sometimes I will go in and there is nothing i like, then another time everything is catching my eye so I don't really know what to make of that, do any of you find this? But at the moment they have some really nice things, and they are sooo cheap in comparison to a lot of other high street shops!

These are a few tops I got, despite not being much of an animal print fan I absolutely LOVE this shirt, it goes with so many things, for casual day time outfits or as an evening/party type top. It looks kind of weird on the picture but my proper camera isn't working right now so please bear with. I noticed they do a plain white version of this shirt too which I will definitely be purchasing because I love it. Again the quality of the photograph kind of drained the jumper, in person it has a slight pinky tone to it, its so comfy and goes with pretty much everything I own! The final top I got was the Pink Floyd jersey tshirt. Not going to lie I have never ever listened to them but I think the LP cover design is really nice.

 Shirt - £14.99
Jumper - £12.99
Tshirt - £7.99
Next is bottoms. The skirt isn't from H&M but i bought it in the same shopping trip so I'm just throwing it in there, it's actually from Primark and is just a plain faux suede body con skirt, and I had to get it because it's in burgundy which is a colour I seriously love at the moment! I wouldn't usually go for white shorts as I'm not a fan at all but I bought these to have a play around with and dye some crazy colour at some point! Finally the denim hotpants, they are kind of plain at the moment so I've got some Broderie Anglais to attach as a trimming round the bottoms to make them look pretty so watch out for a future post about that!

Skirt - £4.00 (Primark)
White Shorts - £7.99 (H&M)
Denim Shorts - £7.99 (H&M)
The two hoodies are a bit random but I have been after one which fits me properly for a while now, mainly for summer but also to wear at the moment as another layer under coats etc etc. I had my eye on one in Topshop but when I stumbled across these in H&M at over half the price I had to buy them, if you are gunna get one though I recommend you get a size bigger than normal, I ended up getting one in a 10 and one in a 12, considerably than my usual 6/8 size, they are very small fitting but soo comfy!!

Hoodies - £10 each (H&M)
Due to my shitty camera, the photos of these are terrible but I bought two sets of rings today, the first is all silver bands, some plain, and some have little patterns on but they came in a ten pack (naturally I lost one as soon as I opened the packet!) so I thought it was great value and they will go with everything. The next set was a pack of 4, two gold and two silver, they are so cute and have little star sign symbols on them. I have been wanting some new rings for ages so now I'm 14 up :)

Star Sign  Rings - £3.99 for pack of 4 (H&M)
Silver Rings - £2.99 for pack of 10 (H&M)
While I was standing in the queue to pay these tiny nail varnishes caught my eye. It was so cheap for a set of 4, but they are in a tiny bottle. I loved the pastel/candy colours and the quality of them actually surprised me, I wasn't expecting big things as they were so cheap but they were actually quite good. I also bought this nail varnish from Barry M (not quite H&M I know) because I have been wanting a nail varnish in this greeny colour in a while, it has hints of lots of other colours depending on the lighting. When it's on you can't see as many of the pigments as when it's in the bottle but I still love it!

Barry M nail polish in Racing Green - £2.99 (Boots)
Nail polish - £2.99 for set of 4 (H&M)
(L-R) Strawberry Lollipop, Pear Icecream, Summer Sunrise,  Pale Violet 
Last but not least is my new shoes. Everyone seems to be wearing Vans these days but I can't deny that I love them, and they are sooo comfy after a few wears. BEWARE AT FIRST THEY GIVE THE WORST BLISTERS EVER! As I also said before, I love the colour burgundy so these are perfect ok I love them. (I also believe Ellie bought the blue version recently too, but in a MUCH smaller size)

Burgundy Vans - £45 (Schuh)
So that's my H&M haul. Sorry this post is so so long but I got a bit carried away! What's your favourite things in H&M at the moment?x