Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dip Dye Hair: How To

As promised, here is a guide to how we dip dyed our hair last summer. We used Colour Xtreme Hair Art Spray (read my review here)

Start off with clean hair, style it before you start too. I cant remember whether i attempted to style my hair whilst i had it coloured but im guessing it wouldn't work quite as well, and could cause mess due to the texture of the hair spray. Make sure you cover up your clothes before you start too!

Begin at the bottoms of your hair, and work higher and higher up, depending how much of your hair you want to colour. It also looks a lot better if you gradient it, so make the colour darker towards the end by building it up and spraying closer to your hair, then as you get higher up spray from a further distance so the colour gets lighter. You can continue to add to it until the colour is how you would like it. The best thing is just to have a bit of an experiment really, having someone there to help you is probably a good option.

Once you have finished, your hair will be quite wet due to the spray, and using an old brush (the colour will rub off onto it) thoroughly brush your hair so that it doesn't dry all stuck together. You will find the texture is quite hasky and rough but fortunately it doesn't stay quite as stiff and after a few hours it should start to feel a little softer, this is a downside to using the hair spray.

I wanted to keep my hair coloured for as long as possible, however after a day or two the colour had faded from bright blue to a more turquoisy-green as you can see on this picture and my hair needed washing, the spray washes out instantly!

Hope this helps slightly!


  1. thats so cool! ah I'm definitely trying it for a party i have coming up! love your bog :) xo

  2. OMG ur hair is fab! so ling and healthy and aaaaaaaaaaaah i'm jealous! x

  3. These colours look amazing! Love your blog by the way, it's one of my absolute favourites! xx

  4. ah thank you so much for this- i've been thinking about trying it out for ages, looks awesome! xx