Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Asos order (just a small one)

I was browsing la interweb the other week and saw Asos had a sale on. I never find anything clothes wise, so I went straight to the beauty section where I found a couple of things I liked and a sunglasses case (random).
So the actual ordering proccess was very good in my opinion. I opted for a free delivery which takes longer, but it arrived 3 days early (I love it when that happens), in a cute little box that's was all padded and had protecting shit. And when I looked inside, I felt that the website portrayed everything perfectly.

Onto the order...

An Illamasqua nail varnish in this beautiful blue/green colour -muse. It was reduced from £13.50 to £8 and  IS THE BEST FORMULA OF NAIL VARNISH I HAVE EVER TRIED. I put it on, and it is completely opaque, and then it dried fairly quickly to a rock hard shiny finish - TOTALLY BRILL.
Then I bought this Pixi eye crayon for around £6 in the shade........ It is a taupe/gold/copper shade that looks slightly purpley. I wore it to a gig the other night, and it stayed on all night. I would highly recommend this, however I don't know how to sharpen it, do I use a pencil sharpener?

And lastly a red suede sunglasses case that was only £3.50 and I thought would be useful for the sunny days to come.
That's everything, have you bought any clothes or other things from Asos recently?
See you later xx


  1. The pixi eye crayon colour looks really nice.
    infact I just did a post on something I bought on ASOS too and recieved the other day - hope you can check it out. Love following you x

  2. I have an eyeliner similar style to yours and I had the same problem i.e. didn't know how to sharpen it. I had a look around Boots and found a great eyeliner sharpener that has several different sizes holes so you can use it to sharpen all your different eyeliners. It was only about 3 quid and it's really good, so I'd definitely recommend getting one of those if you're stuck! Good finds by the way! Xx

    1. Ah, thank you! I will definitely buy one :) xx