Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I went to a friends gig on Friday night and this is what I wore. Apologies for the amount of topshop but yes, that shop seems to consume most of my wardrobe space.

Top, Shorts, Jacket, Shoes and Rings from topshop. Gold heart ring is from a random jewellers. Tights are from Primark. Gold Chain is from Forever 21. Watch and Belt from Urban Outfitters. Bag from H&M.
Sorry for poor quality, but my shitty laptop is the only way I can take pictures of myself without having to hold it ahaha.
Bye xx


  1. I love that top - they have an exact one in h&m for much much cheaper! Loving the outfit, chic and has a rocker feel to it!
    love it

    1. Yes, I saw that, but after I had bought the topshop one haha, typical!

  2. Aw love this outfit! Adorable xx